Georgia Homeless

Veterans Resources, Inc., 

Founded by Tonya Bass

Georgia Homeless Veterans Resources, Inc., ("GHVR") is a nonprofit organization, women and service-disabled veteran-owned business founded in 2011, by Tonya S. Bass, a retired United States Army Officer who served honorably for 22+ years as both a Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officer in the Adjutant General Corps (Human Resources). Tonya currently leads GHVR by the guiding principle that all women deserve respect and dignity. GHVR continues to be dedicated to providing extensive support services to help individuals to make permanent life changes. Tonya Bass is the Fund Administrator and project lead for FARC-GA. FARC-GA service areas in the state of GA which include nine (9) counties: Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fayette, Fulton, Henry, Gwinnett, Newton, and Rockdale.

FARC-GA's primary endeavor is to increase minority participation within the Farm Service Agency ("FSA") programs through outreach, education, and technical assistance efforts. Specific FSA programs and services are focused on educating historically underserved and underrepresented disadvantaged (HUUD) Farmers and Ranchers of Color ("FARC"), regarding five or more of the FSA programs. The FARC-GA program engages HUUD farmers and ranchers in discussions about FSA programs and services which has, thus far, resulted in increased numbers of successful FSA program participants. Our FARC-GA project includes outreach, relationship building, education, and facilitating connections between farmers and service organizations. Specific activities include targeted outreach and recruitment from a growing number of established Black farmers working with beginning farmers in two targeted areas in the contiguous states of Georgia (GA) and South Carolina (SC). In central GA and the Midland area of SC, we mobilized HUUD farmers and ranchers through workshops, seminars, flyers, phone calls, virtual conference calls, and one on one site visits to build long-lasting relationships with existing and aspiring HUUD Black farmers and by encouraging formal and informal networks.

FARC-GA has continued to maintain a listserv of local farmers' markets, food hubs, and suppliers to outreach to inform farmers and ranchers about FSA programs and services through the website, media, word of mouth, and live workshops and seminars. Our ambassadors and program management meet with urban farmers, cooperatives, new and beginning, and veteran farmers daily to provide outreach, training, education, assistance, and support which also includes:

  • Warm calls allowed for trust to be established sooner than it would have if it was a cold call or someone new to the space.
  • Targeted outreach to new and beginning farmers as well as special populations, such as Heirs property owners, timber, and other special groups.
  • Networking with professional organizations in farming, forestry, land ownership, and retention.

FARC-GA has also established a good rapport with our local FSA for support and assistance. Our Ambassadors would like to send a shout-out to Ms. Melissa White, Carroll County FSA office taking care of Fulton County’s FARCs especially well!!

Heirs Property

Heirs’ property is family owned land that is jointly owned by descendants of a deceased person whose estate did not clear probate. The descendants, or heirs, have the right to use the property, but they do not have a clear or marketable title to the property since the estate issues remain unresolved. The land is passed down without a will or deed to prove ownership. Each successive generation generally results in more heirs being added to the land inheritance. The absence of the deed or will becomes more complicated and grows by generation as time and people pass.

Without proof of ownership, it may become difficult for heirs to obtain federal benefits for farms and could also force partition sales by third parties.

FARC-GA wants to assist you by providing and connecting you to, and with educational programs, trusted professional organizations that have your best interest.

DO's:  Prevent your property from going to a tax sale; have a backup plan to pay the annual taxes, penalties and interest owed; attempt to reach an agreement with heirs on how the family wish to hold the land, and draft a Will!

DONT'S:  Let your property go to a tax sale; ignore letters and/or documents issued by an attorney on behalf of another family member; ignore letters and notices from any entity regarding your land; sing ANY documents unless you totally understand what the document mean, and allow family disputes to cause you to lose your family land!!


How does owning 'Heirs Property' affect you and/org your family?

What steps can one take if they have 'Heirs Property'?

Is there a last will?

Is there a last will in writing?

What is probate?

What is the probate code?

Who are the heirs?

Do you have a family tree? (very IMPORTANT to know ALL heirs to the property)

Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS)

If you farm or ranch and want to make improvements to the land you own or lease, FARC-GA wants to assist and support you with a referral to your local NRCS field office. NRCS will work with you, discuss your vision and walk you through the application process.